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Services We Offer

Here is a part list of some skilled web design services that we present:


Virtual Outsourcing

Designlinx offers a reliable Virtual Outsourcing Services 24/7, We've successfully completed over 300 projects for clients from USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Pakistan, India, China and UAE.

We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Outsourcing, Application Development Outsourcing, Website Designing Outsourcing and Website Maintenance Outsourcing at very competitive services charges.


Application Development

E-Commerce is the facility to sell products and/or services on the Internet by means of electronic methods of shopping and payment. A typical E-Commerce website provides prospective clientele with a listing (or catalog) of the products and/or services you sell. Customers subsequently can look around your website and make procure online using a safe payment options. All this happens in real-time and within a matter of minutes. You as the business owner are required to have a Merchant account in order to accept credit card payments (we will help you with setting this up).

Whether you are starting a new business and plan to conduct it online, o if you already sell via a brick-and-mortar store and would like to expand to capture the online consumer market, an E-Commerce website is the way to go. We'll help you get setup from start to finish.


Website Re-designs

It may be time for a website redesign if:


  • Your site hasn't changed its looks in years
  • You aren't getting the traffic that you expected


Your website reflects old business goals At DesignLinx, we can take your existing website and give it a quality professional appearance or makeover by adding a brand new template - new color coordination, dynamic flash, eye catching graphics, custom logos, custom headers and much more. We can optimize those website pages for higher search engine rankings so you can rise above the competition. In short, we will brighten it up, improve navigation and make your site sell.

We will provide you with three templates to choose from. Once you have selected the template that you like, we will start transferring over your content within the new website.


SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

You have a custom website. How is your website going to be found by your customers? In order for your business to be successful you need to get a high ranking in the major search engines and directories in order to be found by your potential customers. Search engines look at many things when ranking your site. They look at content, internal/external links, subject matter, Meta tags, keywords and age.

When we design a website we take all these things into consideration and incorporate them into your new design. Helping you to rise above the competition!! Examples of search engine optimization:


  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Density in the title of your pages
  • Keyword and Key Phrases in the content of your web pages
  • Creating your Meta tags, text and text location on your pages
  • Creating the right descriptions for your pages


Call Centre Solutions

We are passionate to give call center solutions to our customers, we realize that for all our customers, time really is money. Ultimately, our Customer Relationship Management isn't a tool to service customers-it's a way to see the future. As the world becomes more interrelated, our CRM specialists and operations teams are mapping the future of customer needs and how to best address them.
Designlinx call center solutions can easily distribute in three major categories below:


Inbound Call Services:

We have competent professionals, well trained to manage a range of inbound call services. You don't need to be bothered by the intricacies of inbound and outbound call center services. read more


Outbound Call Services:

Designlinx offers the entire range of outbound call services. You can count on Designlinx's trained Tele professionals to turn your prospect into profitable customers. read more


Web Enables Services:

Living In an era that is driven by technology & Internet, brings along the convenience of web enabled customer interaction. read more


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