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Call Center Solutions:


We are passionate to give call center solutions to our customers, we realize that for all our customers, time really is money. Ultimately, our Customer Relationship Management isn't a tool to service customers-it's a way to see the future. As the world becomes more interrelated, our CRM specialists and operations teams are mapping the future of customer needs and how to best address them.

Designlinx call center solutions can easily distribute in three major categories below:


Inbound Call Services

We have competent professionals, well trained to manage a range of inbound call services. You don't need to be bothered by the intricacies of inbound and outbound call center services. Just avail our "Help Desk" services and reap the benefits in the form of customer retention, increased sales and customer satisfaction. These benefits are completely measurable, a fact that enables you to determine the most profitable activities and utilize our services for the same. Other inbound services include:


  1. Customer Services: the customer services at Designlinx are devised to provide high quality customer interaction there by nurturing relationships to the fullest.

  3. Multiple response channels cater 24X 7 customer support.

  5. Help Desk: Designlinx help desk services primarily serve to cater technology assistance and provide continual support in response to customer queries.

  7. Order taking and processing: when it’s time to reap the benefits of healthy customer relationships in the form of orders, Designlinx is there to receive and process those orders. So that you get straight to what you are best at.

  9. Pre and Post Sales Services: in keeping with its credo of end to end solutions, Designlinx assists in every stage of the process, including the pre-sales stage where it satisfies all the queries of the customer to after-sales scenario where the customer might need assistance with the usage of your product.

  11. Product Inquiry: This crucial stage of sales cycle requires deft handling, something our Professionals are trained for. Designlinx handles all inquiries regarding your product in a very satisfying manner, thus graduating it to the next stage, i.e. sales.


Outbound Call Services

Designlinx offers the entire range of outbound call services. You can count on Designlinx's trained Tele professionals to turn your prospect into profitable customers. In fact Designlinx trains and encourages its team members to go a step further and lay the foundation of a lasting relationship by using a personalized approach. So once you have put your outbound in Designlinx's care, you can stop worrying about the maintenance and growth of your client base.


Designlinx's portfolio of outbound call services includes the following:

Telemarketing: From Tele calling campaigns to up selling, cross selling market research, database cleansing, health check and follow up calls generated by inbound work, Designlinx handles it all.


Customer retention & new market acquisition is effectively handled by Designlinx.


Designlinx telemarketing services cover the two crucial forms of today's business, namely:


* B2B: Designlinx 's Tele-professionals have been trained to handle business-to-business situations in deft manner.

* B2C: Business-to-customer calls are also treated in a warm, yet professional manner, to
Derive maximum advantage out of each and every call.


Customer Interaction or Customer Relations: Designlinx delivers an exhaustive range of customer post- pre sales services, be updating the customer data, greeting, reminder or follow up.


New Product/ Service to Existing Customer: A smart organization knows how important it is to drive maximum mileage out of the existing customer base, that's why Designlinx assists you in introducing your new products and services to your existing customers.


Surveys: Surveys are significant for building and retaining customer base.


Designlinx consulting team takes care of different aspects of surveys, from drafting a questionnaire to in-depth analysis as per your business practices, thereby making them much more effective and useful.


Web Enables Services

Living In an era that is driven by technology & Internet, brings along the convenience of web enabled customer interaction. Its numerous unique benefits for your business include, among others, the optimization of business opportunities and cost savings. Designlinx's web services include real time e-mail management, live chat, web call-backs, web collaboration. Here is the complete range of Designlinx's web-enabled services:


  1. E Mail Responses: The e-mails of your customers, generated from various sources, are responded to with utmost finesse by Designlinx.

  3. Chat: Designlinx also offers on-line chat services to extend further assistance to your customers in every aspect of business.

  5. Customer Support: Designlinx provides comprehensive customer support on web through various web enabled contact points.


Research & Analysis: We carry out research and analysis over the web to provide our clients with relevant information. Data Base Cleaning & Updating: Another useful service offered by Designlinx is maintaining constant link with customers to keep the database alive and useful.

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